Aroma King Watermelon Ice 20mg

was €7.90 Special Price €4.50

All apple lovers beware! The popular brand of electronic cigarettes Aroma King has a tasty variant with green apple flavour in its offer. The Aroma King Green Apple e-cigarette has a sweet and sour taste, which is complemented by a medium nicotine content of 20 mg/ml. 


The Aroma King Green Apple electronic cigarette is easy to use and has a compact design that fits in a small handbag, so you can keep it with you at all times. However, the modern look of an e-cigarette is not everything. In addition to it, you will also be pleased with the 550 mAh battery, which guarantees up to 700 puffs. After it runs out, just throw the device in the trash. You don't need to charge or refill anything.