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Snus Corvus Origin

Corvus is the first Russian producer of tobacco-free snus. This sort of chewing snuff is produced using a new innovative technology based on microcrystalline cellulose. Thanks to this approach, you can feel a strong nicotine effect after a few minutes.

Corvus Snus Effect

Corvus is a kind of strong snus, which is not recommended for beginners. The lightest Corvus Extreme has a nicotine content of 46 mg/g, and the strongest Corvus Brutal has 68 mg/g. If you want to buy Corvus snus online, you should remember that this line can boast many other interesting tastes like Joker, Flash, Fenix, Hulk with different flavors ranging from wild berries to barberry with a nicotine content of 50 mg/g.

Therefore, recommends trying the Corvus line for heavy smokers, who are willing to experience a new range of unforgettable emotions.

Corvus Snus Taste Range

You can learn more about the variety of Corvus tastes from the list below:

  • Fenix is a new barberry-flavored Corvus. This is tobacco-free snus with pleasant pink pods. The strength of each sachet is 50 mg/g that will make you feel a strong nicotine hit. Not recommended for beginners.
  • Joker gives a refreshing wild berry flavor. Also, these surprisingly purple sachets have a strength of 50 mg/g.
  • Hulk Corvus snus price starts from $4 and gives the sweet fruity taste of kiwi. The portions are slim, soft, and very comfortable under the lip. You feel a taste of tropical fruits and pleasant freshness.
  • Brutal Corvus is the strongest snus you can find at with a strength of 68 mg/g. This product has a traditional menthol taste and is suitable for those who already need more nicotine in the blood. Not recommended for use by beginners due to strong nicotine boost.
  • Extreme Corvus is a special snus mixture for fans of classical tobacco. The strength of each sachet is 44 mg/g with a pleasant mint taste.
  • Flash Orange gives a fresh orange flavor. Also, these slim orange sachets with a pleasant citrus smell will suit everyone. The strength of each portion is 50 mg/g which is suitable for lovers of sweet and heavy snus.
  • Meet Corvus LOGAN - a strong mixture with a deep melon flavor. Soft slim sachets are very comfortable to keep under the lip for half an hour and more.

Buy Corvus Snus In The Online Store

We present to you a wide range of snus brands from different manufacturers. Do you want to buy Corvus online or just looking for more bright and quality snus tastes? Contact us and you will know what real snus means. Reviews for Corvus are only positive and therefore you can trust us in choosing this tobacco.

The Verdict of Skruf Snus

Corvus snus has interesting aromas and high-quality components. You can buy Corvus in our online store with one click. All the tastes represented here excellent quality and recommended to check them out if you are positive about nicotine-free smokeless products.