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    Ettan Lös Snus
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    Ettan White Portion Snus
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Ettan Snus

Ettan was manufactured at the beginning of 1800 - at that time under the name "Ljunglöf’s No. 1 “- and the loose version still uses the original recipe. Ettan is characterized by its clear tobacco taste and is probably the oldest type of snus in the world. As one of the most popular Swedish snus, the recipe was created by Jacob Fredrik Ljunglöf. "Ettan" means "the first", which alludes to its excellent quality.

In the early 19th century, tobacco was usually fermented for six months before it could be made into snus. Ljunglöf had a theory there, however, and preferred to use the tobacco fresh because he hoped that this would improve the taste. Together with the world-famous chemist and researcher Jakob Berzelius, he is therefore developing a new method of snus production in which salt water and potash are added to tobacco. Instead of waiting for months, he was now able to produce snus within a week. Since then, this process has been the basis of Swedish snus production.

Ettan's recipe is based on the high quality of its ingredients and ultimately amounts to tobacco, salt and water.

When his son Knut Ljunglöf took over the business in 1860, he brought the already very successful company to even greater success with his careful quality control methods. He was commonly known as "Snus-kungen", the "Snus King".

As a popular brand, Ettan is now part of Swedish Match and accounts for about a fifth of its sales.

One of the most famous Ettan snus varieties is Ettan Portion, which contains natural flavors of tar, hay, malt and dark chocolate.