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Snus General is a smokeless chewing tobacco widely popular among young and adventurous people. Are you looking for bright taste and high strength? Yes, this is it! General is one of the highest quality brands. They tried hard and created a very tasty and high-strength General, which will please everyone with a taste of mint, apple, and a relaxing nicotine punch.

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  1. General G.3 Slim White Dry Blue Mint Extra Strong
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  3. General XR Slim White
    General XR Slim White
  4. One Vit White
    One Vit White
  5. General Classic White
    General Classic White
  6. General Classic Portion
    General Classic Portion
  7. General Mackmyra Original Portion Snus
    General Mackmyra Original Portion
  8. General Classic Loose
    General Classic Loose
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  9. General G.3 Slim White Extra Strong
    General G.3 Slim White Extra Stro ...
  10. General G.3 Slim Extra Strong
    General G.3 Slim Extra Strong
  11. General Classic Portion Extra Strong Snus
    General Classic Portion Extra Str ...
  12. General Classic Loose Extra Strong Snus
    General Classic Loose Extra Stron ...
  13. G. 3 WIRE Slim White Dry Super Strong
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    G. 3 T.N.T Slim White Dry Super S ...
  15. Super Slim White Strong Blue Mint Snus
    G. 3 Super Slim White Strong Blue ...
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  16. G.3 LOAD Slim White Dry Super Strong
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Snus General Origin

General fits for lovers of medium-strength snus. This snus has long been on the market, it is one of the first tobacco products made under the General brand by Swedish Match for sale on the Swiss market and worldwide.

General snus benefits:

Many people choose to buy General snus online because it is one of the best options if you are looking for a well-balanced smoking mixture.

  • Intensive taste;
  • Stylish design;
  • A world-famous manufacturer as a guarantee of quality;
  • The General snus price is quite affordable for every person.

General Snus Effect

General chewing tobacco, cut into slices and comfortably packaged into portions. A standard can contains 18 portions. The effect from General depends on the nicotine content. As a rule, one sachet equates to a 14 mg/g portion or 18 mg/g for the strongest version.

So, it appears that General snus is a rather intensive but not an extremely strong product. The portions are very moist, which means the flavor is going to release quickly!

General Snus Taste Range

Now, if you want to relax, there is no need to blow smoke from your mouth and spoil your lungs - a small packet or a ball of tobacco under your lip will give you the desired effect. The General manufacturer has taken care of every client so that you can find your own snus taste among the stylish and curiously designed boxes of General. Read the description of each type of chewing tobacco, especially its strength. The Snuskingdom store offers medium and strong varieties of General.

Various flavors available:

  • vanilla;
  • mint;
  • eucalyptus;
  • licorice;
  • bergamot, etc.

General Extra Strong Portion

This extra strong snus was made by a special old recipe. Of course, this is a new portion form but the substance still has the characteristic flavor of classic snus. This strong tobacco perfectly suits classic Swedish tobacco followers.

General Classic Mini

This is a mini portioned version, which means you will enjoy the soft and accurate taste of each sachet, comfortably hidden under your lip. However, it follows the Swedish snus requirements in performance and quality! Imagine how discrete and comfortable each pod is situated in the mouth, so for those looking for discretion, look no further!

Buy General Snus In The Online Store

The is the place where you can buy General online, according to the desired type, taste, and portion of smokeless tobacco to your taste. We are the official distributor of the manufacturer and offer only high-quality proven products.

The Verdict of General snus

It is the General classic snus that is now very common due to its availability and demand. Experienced smokers and amateurs leave extremely positive reviews about it. In principle, General snus is suitable both for those who already have experience of "chewing", and for beginners, since it is less dangerous for health than the same smoking.