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  1. Jakobssons Wintergreen Snus
    Jakobssons Wintergreen
  2. Jakobssons Mint Strong
    Jakobssons Mint Strong
  3. Jakobssons Melon Snus
    Jakobssons Melon Strong
  4. Jakobssons Strong Cola Snus
    Jakobssons Strong Cola
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Jakobssons snus

The series of Jakobsson’s Snus is a relatively recent development by Gotlandssnus AB for which the regionally grown Alida tobacco is used. You would not expect this snus to be less than ten years old because it quickly gained popularity due to a wide range of flavors and strength levels.

As a traditional company based in Visby, Sweden, Gotlandssnus employees are committed to producing high quality products. Your reputation as a premium snus producer is certainly one of the reasons for the success of the Jakobsson’s brand, which was launched in 2008.

The series is a new creation, but the design of the Jakobsson’s jars fully reflects the long tradition behind Gotland snus. While the snus cans are decorated with the logo printed in vintage script, the arrows indicating the four cardinal points can also be found on the design. They are intended to remind snus connoisseurs of the origins of the operation on Gotland, which is located off the coast of Sweden.


The historical design of the Jakobsson’s cans could suggest a classic snus, but the opposite is the case: This snus focuses primarily on innovative, new recipes and flavors. Few other producers shine with such an extraordinary variety. The brand is known for the use of flavors such as melon, wintergreen, elder or licorice. The team behind Jakobsson’s is very interested in the wishes and needs of the snus community and, in addition to its usual selection, also regularly offers seasonal experimental snus products.

Gotlandssnus, founded by Hendrik Jakobsson, currently produces around 15,000 cans filled with snus a day and sells them in Sweden, the USA, Asia and Switzerland. With this continuously growing production of snus and nicotine-free products, they are challenging the leading snus giants. In 2003 the first snus of the lineup was introduced, the Gotland snus anise, a loose snus with rich anise flavors. Just in time for Christmas, the first bold mix came into the shops: the Julesnus. In 2005, the entire production was moved to an old sugar refinery in Gotland and the tobacco for snus production started to be sourced locally.

When the Jakobsson’s series was released in 2008, it was quickly offered by many different distributors and established a third production facility, which today mainly produces the nicotine-free snus Sprilla and Tobacco & Nicotine Free.

A particularly inspiring development is the Gotlandssnus Summer Portion, which has been available since 2012 and contains an abundance of wild strawberry aromas. Since 2013 there is also the Jakobsson’s Melon Mini Portion, which was introduced as an alternative to the Jakobsson’s Melon Strong. This was followed by Jakobsson's Dynamite Extra Strong on the market - a snus with a smoky tobacco flavor and a nicotine content that should not be underestimated (19 mg nicotine per sachet).

Gotlandssnus wins the snus community with bold compositions such as blueberry and vanilla and stands for excellent quality. We can be sure that we can continue to look forward to surprises from Jakobssons Snus all the time.