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What is LYFT snus? To answer this question you should know what classic snus means. Simply, mix nicotine and salt, and the nicotine effect will enter your body through the gums. This is a good alternative to smoking because there is no specific smell and you shouldn’t go out to smoke.

What is LYFT? This is classic Swedish snus that has become popular among our clients. And what’s so special about it?

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  1. LYFT Tropic Breeze
    LYFT Tropic Breeze
  2. LYFT Ruby Berry
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    LYFT Purple Royal Mini New
  4. LYFT Liquorice Strong
    LYFT Liquorice Strong
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Snus LYFT Origin

Snus Lyft is a successful rebranding of the world-famous and everyone’s loved Epok. As non-tobacco mixtures are becoming more and more requested, having created this brand, the manufacturer decided to keep up with the times. They use eucalyptus and pine fibers instead of tobacco leaves and nicotine extract from the tobacco plants.

You can always buy Lyft snus online and order delivery to your city at All this can be done online without leaving home.

LYFT Snus Effect

The non-tobacco product of this brand causes an extreme effect on your body. It has a big variety of tastes and can boast the highest quality!

The strongest LYFT is 14 mg/g, the weakest - 6 mg/g. At first sight, it may sound meager, but it is the perfect proportion of salts and nicotine that allows you to relax as well as, for example, snus with higher nicotine content. However, with LYFT, you will not hurt your gums and skin, as it may happen when using chewing tobacco from other suppliers.

LYFT Snus Taste Range

LYFT is the most delicious of all snus pods as you do not want to drink or rinse your mouth with water after taking it. Everyone loves the mint taste. It's just the best you've tried. After several uses of one sachet, you can still feel that delicious and slight sound of mint. Although, try snus tablets with blueberries, melons, and many other tastes.

The brightest advantage of LYFT snus over numerous analogs is it doesn’t contain any harmful flavor additions. The variety of LYFT tastes is so great that every consumer will find what he wanted to try:

  • Melon
  • Strawberry
  • Cherry
  • Apple
  • Mango
  • Pear
  • Mint, menthol
  • Energetic
  • Licorice and many more

Buy LYFT Snus In The Online Store is an online store specializing in nicotine products. Here, you have an opportunity to order production of the LYFT brand, and also other brands: We offer 100% natural chewing substances from reliable and trusted brands. Ask for LYFT snus price in such popular variations as:

WINTER CHILL X STRONG - thin sachets with sweet-mint flavor and the strength of 16mg/g.

URBAN VIBE - 14 mg/g and slim white pods with mint sound.

TROPIC BREEZE – an unforgettable taste of tropical fruits with a small dose of nicotine 8 mg/g.

The Verdict of LYFT Snus

From the clients’ experience, LYFT is the best snus you can buy. Its taste, the ratio of salts and nicotine, the quality of each pod, and the packaging quality are ideal. We offer you to buy LYFT snus online from our shop right now. Once you try it, you would recommend it to everyone who wants to quit smoking and switch to something lighter and tastier. After all, cigarettes are more harmful to your health than pure nicotine.