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Will review snus Odens, portioned. If you belong to the old school of experienced smokers and have the classic understanding of the original tobacco, Oden’s does not belong to this category. It is a unique innovative combination of classic snus and something new, but at the same time not radically different.

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  2. Odens Cold Extreme White Dry 20 pouches
    Odens Cold Extreme White Dry 20 p ...
  3. Odens Extra Stark
    Odens Extra Stark
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  4. Odens Extreme Portion Lakrits
    Odens Extreme Portion Lakrits
  5. Odens Extreme Wintergreen
    Odens Extreme Wintergreen
  6. Oden's Cold Extreme White Dry Portion
    Oden's Cold Extreme White Dr ...
  7. Odens White Slim
    Odens White Slim
  8. Odens Cold Extreme White Portion Snus
    Odens Cold Extreme White Portion
  9. Odens Extremee White Dry Cold Slim Snus
    Odens Extreme White Dry Cold Slim
  10. Odens Extreme White Dry Slim Double Mint Snus
    Odens Extreme White Dry Slim Doub ...
  11. Odens Wintergreen Extreme White Dry Slim
    Odens Wintergreen Extreme White D ...
  12. Odens Vanilla Portions
    Odens Vanilla Portions
  13. Odens Original Portion
    Odens Original Portion
  14. Odens No3 Extreme Portion
    Odens No3 Extreme Portion
  15. Odens Extreme Melon Portion
    Odens Extreme Melon Portion
  16. Odens Cold Portion
    Odens Cold Portion
  17. Odens Wintergreen Extreme White Portion Dry
    Odens Wintergreen Extreme White P ...
  18. Odens Extreme White Dry Menthol
    Odens Extreme White Dry Menthol
  19. Odens Extreme Portion
    Odens Extreme Portion
  20. Odens 69 Extreme white dry portion snus
    Odens 69 Extreme white dry portio ...
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Snus Odens Origin

Can you help me to find quality Swedish snus at a lower price?” This is a question we always hear from our clients and offer to buy Odens snus online. Why? GN Tobacco, Sweden's largest importer and a vendor of tobacco products and accessories, offers a new line. Odens snus is one of the most requested tobacco mixtures in a lower price range

Odens Snus Effect

There is a wide variety of original snus in the US. Snus Odens has a lightly sweet (citrus) aftertaste. But this is not a pronounced taste, it is just a slight sound.

As for the strength of snus: Oden’s ordinary has a strength of about 9-10 mg/g of nicotine, Odens strong - 15 mg/g, Odens extra strong - 16-17 mg/g, Odens extreme - 18-22 mg/g.

Who is Odens good for?

Since Odens snus contains 22 mg/g nicotine maximum, it is suitable for both real snus devotees and beginners. Double mint, slightly refreshing, or really tobacco taste - it's up to you, and we will help to choose which Odens fits your personality. Check the variety of Oden’s lines below.

Oden’s Snus Taste Range

Odens is known for dry portions, but now manufacturers have begun to expand their horizons and succeed in it.

Odens Cold White Extreme

The aroma is very soft and pleasant, the smell is pronounced, minty. The portions are quite thick and full. You don’t feel burning, but do feel more mint. Odense White comes with no sweet additives. Since this is an Extreme line, the portions will give a powerful nicotine boost.

Odens White Extreme Double Mint

What can be nicer and fresher than Odense Double Mint snus? These sachets are very soft and “sit” under the lip perfectly. The aroma is very much like peppermint - an incredible combination! When using Odense Double Mint, you will feel a real mint explosion! And the longer you hold the sachet, the better you feel a strong mint flavor!

Odens Extra Stark

This is a sort of original snus with no additives – very energizing, flavored with pure tobacco. Oden's Extra Stark comes in at 17mg/g-18mg/g being a good choice for purists. Well, that’s cool.

Odens Extreme Double Mint

There are so many types of snus appear on the market, but this example is one of the best. The first thing that you may notice is the traditional brown color of each sachet. This Odens is moisture smokeless tobacco with an intensive minty smell. It slightly burns under your lip, giving a pleasant refreshing feeling.

Buy Odens Snus In The Online Store

Odense snus price varies from $3 per can to $25 per 10 cans. You also have the opportunity to get the product in bulk from 50 cans or in soft packs, then the price will be even more pleasant. If you decide to buy Odens online from, but you just can't decide on the taste and strength, our manager will be happy to help you choose.

The Verdict of Odens snus

Odens snus is probably the brand that can boast of the widest range of snus tastes on the market. We deliver this tobacco product worldwide and hope you can find something for your taste here.