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Pablo snus gives you a really powerful boost of nicotine. If you pick the middle strength snus of this brand, it will be a great benefit to beginners. But ultra-high dose nicotine is intended for advanced users only. The nicotine pods are imaginably small, following the slim format. We can say, Pablo is a strong big brother of Killa Cold Mint.

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Snus Pablo Origin

This nicotine stuff is made by Swedish NGP Empire AB. Everything that is produced by Sweden is always of the highest quality. The stuff of this brand meets the standards currently used in snus manufacturing, so that's a big plus.

Pablo Snus Effect

Remember, this sort of snuff contains nicotine, not tobacco. There is one reason why Pablo snus is extremely popular for strong men and doesn’t fit others. Its high nicotine intensity (30 mg/g) can’t but impress. Note, chewing snus of 17 mg/g is already enough to forget about the strongest smoking habit.

When you keep a sachet in your mouth, you feel slight burning, which is a normal effect for high nicotine products. The flavor of Pablo snus pods is definitely strong, with a light natural sound of peppermint. Of course, the nicotine power hits you from the first minute you use Pablo pods.

Who is Pablo snus for?

Snus Pablo is not a pleasure for everyone. The dose of nicotine is very high and an inexperienced smoker will not enjoy experimenting with the strongest portions. Pablo is worth ordering if you smoke strong cigarettes in the amount of 1 pack a day or more.

Pablo Snus Taste Range

Opening up the tablet, notice that the substance inside is fine and smells fresh. Different brands of snus have much in common - the can, portions, etc. What about the taste?

Swedish Pablo X Ice Cold

If you decide to buy Pablo snus online, keep in mind that this sort of Swedish Snus is incredibly strong, burning, and pleasant as well. This product suits the most experienced and daring individuals. The effect will really surprise you because the strength of 30 mg/g and the unique mint-menthol flavor is an amazing combination! Each can contains 20 slim sachets that are very easy to use and absolutely invisible in the mouth.

Danger Strong Pablo Ice Cold

Pablo Ice Cold Danger Strong is the strongest of all snus packs on the market (also more durable than other chewable bags). If you are used to a strong nicotine flavor in your mouth, buy Pablo snus online and enjoy the wonderfully cooling minty flavors.

Peppermint will jump on and give you an icy freshness. As mentioned in the name and design, this sort of snus is dangerously strong and the nicotine content is impressive: 30 mg/g, which can be also broken into smaller 25 mg/g portions.

Buy Pablo Snus In The Online Store

The Pablo snus price starts from $4 per can. But you can easily cut the price and buy 10-20 cans of your favorite taste. offers different brands of the strongest snus from some of the world's most renowned chewing tobacco manufacturers, so you can be sure you will get the most out of it. We can help to choose the option with the most pleasant taste.

The Verdict of Pablo snus

Do you feel well about the extra strong snus effect? So, Pablo mixture is just for you! Most nicotine pods don’t lose their effect even in 40 minutes. But Pablo isn’t for you if you’re not a fan of the overpowering nicotine stuff. Then, we advise you to stick to under 20mg/g dosing. Nevertheless, you will surely enjoy the product design.