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Shiro snus

"Shiro" is the Japanese word for "white" because this snus has nicotine but is tobacco-free. It is made from pure plant fibers and the bags of the Shiro are completely white and narrow (slim portions), which makes the enjoyment of this snus extremely pleasant and of course also due to the long-lasting taste.

Nicotine sachets are a relatively new development that meet the growing need for nicotine consumption without harmful side effects from tobacco products. Since the taste and similarity to original snus is very great for brands like Shiro, this great alternative is becoming more and more popular in the snus community. Especially among football and ice hockey players.

The Shiro Fresh Mint, for example, leaves you with a pleasantly cooling freshness effect, which is achieved through natural notes of peppermint and spearmint. The Shiro Cool Mint is compared to the somewhat sweeter Sweet Mint with menthol and is therefore even more refreshing. The taste of these two varieties is released relatively quickly and lasts a long time.

The history of the Shiro manufacturer AG Snus dates back to 1864, when Assens Tobaksfabrik was founded and at that time it was mainly concerned with the production of pipe tobacco. In 2009 the fifth generation of the company was taken over by Alex Gunderson, who sensed a change in the demands of tobacco users and shifted his focus to snus. All the years of experience with snus are now being used more and more in the development of tobacco-free snus brands, which can be understood as a very positive way.