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Siberia snus is a pretty good line of extreme Swedish snus for heavy smokers and nonsmokers, who want to boost nicotine levels and intense tobacco effects. It is loaded with 43 mg of nicotine, portioned dry sachets, and a strong mint aroma.

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  1. Siberia Black Slim
    Siberia Black Slim
  2. Siberia All White Super Slim
    Siberia All White Super Slim
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  3. Siberia All White Slim
    Siberia All White Slim
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  4. Siberia All White Regular
    Siberia All White Regular
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  5. Siberia Red White Dry Slim 500g
    Siberia Red White Dry Slim 500g
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  7. Siberia Red -80 Degrees White Dry Portion 16g
    Siberia Red -80 Degrees White Dry ...
  8. Siberia Extremely black
    Siberia -80 Degrees Black Portion
  9. Siberia Red -80 Degrees Extreme White Dry Slim
    Siberia Red -80 Degrees Extreme W ...
  10. Siberia blue slim
    Siberia Blue -80 degrees white po ...
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  11. Siberia Blue Snus
    Siberia Blue -80 degrees white po ...
  12. Siberia Brown Slim Snus
    Siberia Brown -80 Degrees White P ...
  13. Siberia Brown Snus
    Siberia Brown -80 Degrees White ...
  14. Siberia Rot Snus
    Siberia Red White Dry Portion
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15 Items

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Snus SiberiaOrigin

Siberia snu is a brainchild of GN Tobacco AB - a reputable Sweden snus manufacturer. Everything started with SNUSAB that later changed its name. The company distributes its premium chewing product under the name Siberia snus

Siberia Snus Effect

What effect do you expect from the strong Siberia? 80 degrees is a really explosive tobacco bomb (meaning 43 mg/g) and the most powerful Swedish snus, known on the modern market. It is not suitable for beginners or inexperienced users. You will also be surprised how perfectly it combines the fresh mint aroma with the persistent tobacco savor.

Feel the difference. Hunting for more explosive effects, pick Siberia White Dry. Unlike moisture versions, a dry mixture brings an immediate effect that is longer and smoother.

Snus Siberia Taste Range

Have a try to buy Siberia snus online in three base savors and their new impulses from the weakest refreshing version with 24 mg/g contents of nicotine to extremely strong and intensive mint flavors. The line of Siberian snus is so large that you can pick more refreshing or richer tobacco snus with a light mint flavor, at your taste. It also has a slim version in case you don’t want to lose in strength but fit a sachet more comfortably in the mouth.

Snus with no flavor additives

If you want to experience a smooth tobacco afterbite with no mint, opt for the latest creative decision - Xtremely Black nicotine pods. This is an absolutely new strong taste with a high nicotine intensity and no flavor additives. What do you feel? You notice just a pure slightly bitter tobacco after-taste. To buy Siberia online, check the product line:

Strong combinations (43 mg/g)

  • White Dry Siberia (also available in slim packaging
  • Black Siberia
  • Xtremely Black
  • Brown Slim Siberia

Light combinations (24 mg/g)

  • Ice Cold Power
  • Ice Cold PowerWhite 

Buy Siberia Snus In The Online Store

Siberia snus price varies from $4 per can to $35 per 10 cans. Do not forget that there are periodic promotions on our site and discounts for regular customers. Thanks to our range you can buy snus Siberia online in all its variations. If you suddenly have difficulty choosing snus, you can always contact our manager and get a personal selection depending on your preferences.

How to buy snus in our store?

Buy your favorite snus online at and save money today. You’ll be amazed of variety of flavors and get:

  • Good prices
  • Fast and global deliveries
  • Fresh snus in stock

The Verdict of Siberia snus

Geographically, the Siberian territory is practically a real tundra. Here, the climate conditions are so severe that it can be a test of human will and endurance. Siberia snus drew a parallel with the severe Siberian environment and selective tobacco with a stiff dose of nicotine and the intensive fresh mint taste. Siberian tobacco substance is recommended for daredevils, adventurers, and extreme-lovers.