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Many heavy smokers do realize how dangerous smoking is. There is a great way out of this situation - the use of chewing tobacco, or snus. Today you can buy snus online, which greatly simplifies the procedure for purchasing such specific goods. But the variety of names and brands is confusing. Skruf snus is a rather popular brand you can often meet on the internet. Is it worth buying?

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    Skruf Stark Portion #3
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Snus Skruf Origin

Anyone who loves smokeless tobacco knows: chewing snus is an old Swedish tradition. Centuries have passed since Swedes put tobacco in their mouths for the first time. What’s the secret of the popularity of Swedish snus?

The manufacturer of Skruf is a well-known AB Sweden. The company was founded in 2002 with the idea of developing premium high-quality tobacco products. The secret is that the Skruf manufacturer doesn't just make snus, it makes absolutely new, amazing, and cool products of high quality.

Skruf Snus Effect

We need to remind you that Swedish tobacco is not intended for smoking. If you want to buy Skruf snus online, consider the fact that it is a smokeless chewable product, available in sachets that are simply put in the mouth. The desired effect depends on the type of snus and how much time you keep it under the lip. For Skruf, it takes from 5-6 minutes to half an hour.

The reason why Skruf has become more than classic snus is due to a combination of an excellent product and a genius branding strategy. Each can of Skruf looks extremely modern and futuristic, attracting everyone’s attention.

Skruf Snus Taste Range

In the Skruf tablet, there is no natural tobacco. Instead, the sachets are stuffed with vegetable fibers and nicotine. This is an interesting product for those who want to quit smoking and refuse to take tobacco.

Those who decided to buy Skruf online and tried it at once in their lives were delighted with the sophisticated innovative flavors. This category of the chewing mixture is characterized as medium strength with a pleasant tobacco taste and bergamot sound. The strength is 12 - 18 mg/g. The taste range varies:

  • Stark white
  • Super White Slim Classic
  • Tranbar White Snus
  • Xtra Stark, White Snus
  • Slim Mynta, White Snus
  • Slim Xtra Original, White Snus

It smells like fresh mint. The portions are soft and comfortably sit under the lip, no different from traditional classic snus flavor. Skruf in its variations is suitable for lovers of medium-strength tobacco. Although this snus is positioned as strong, in fact, it is weaker than the same Lyft Freeze.

Buy Skruf Snus In The Online Store sells many types of snus that differ in both strength and taste. Among the wide range of brands, you can buy products of original Swedish production. Skruf Snus price starts from $3 which is absolutely affordable for such a popular brand.

For heavy smokers who are trying to stick to chewing and quit cigarettes, it would be an ideal solution to buy Skruf snus in our store. The strongest and the most respectable composition is Red Siberia. But we also have a special offer for slow smokers.

The Verdict of Skruf Snus

Skruf is a sort of snus that comes white in a form of sachets for optimal fit. The white nicotine pad is dry on the surface and moist inside. Skruf didn’t forget the original classic taste of tobacco, as many other brands did. However, the strength rating for Skruf Original is 2 out of 4, which makes it the average mixture in the snus family.