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Looking for the best alternative to smoking, try snus! This is the safest, cleanest form of tobacco usage. Many people have had great success in dropping up cigarettes due to chewing tobacco.

Vika snus is a unique snus product that can be described as a delicate tobacco mixture with the best tobacco material from Africa and Europe. You can feel a hint of bergamot combined with a light menthol aroma. Each can of Vika weighs 13g and contains 20 portions. The most important is the nicotine content - 28 mg/g to 18.2mg/g.

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Snus Vika Origin

Meet Vika snus! This is a new line of chewing tobacco in the form of accurate nicotine pods. Vika is a newborn baby of a Swedish company known as Vika Svensson. For more detailed information go to their website. It would be interesting to know that the company first appeared as a highly popular coffee house where many celebrities and interesting people met and took some chewing tobacco for fun. This is how the new brand appeared under the first name Snus-Vika.

Vika Snus Effec

The taste of this sort of snus is rated as 4 of 5. It's above average for such a short line of flavors. Anyway, even if you belong to citrus snus lovers, you will surely enjoy its fresh mint taste. This is a unique mix of everything, including stronger mint flavor and slight fruit and spicy sounds. This is what makes Vika snus certainly different from anything else on the market.

Vika Snus Taste Range

If you want to buy Vika snus online, you can choose between two main tastes and mannish colors:

Black (White Dry Snus)

When you open the black can, the first thing you notice is a lightly sweet aroma of mint. Also, feel the sense of pure tobacco with a slight bergamot touch. It smells really extravagant. The mint aroma doesn’t feel like a usual mint chewing gum. The nicopods are soft and dry, a bit drier than you wanted. But everything fits perfectly under your lip.

Deep Blue

Buy Vika online in blue color. When you open the can, go crazy with a present aroma of spearmint. It's a rather innovative solution to use two slightly different mint aromas.

Buy Vika Snus In The Online Store

The average Vika snus price at is $3. You can buy chewing tobacco at a convenient time in our online store. We present the products of well-known world brands, including Swedish, which have been known on the world market for many years. Each of them has gained a reputation as a master of snuff production.

Yes, Vika snus has not only the actual taste of tobacco, although it is quite bright and varied depending on the variety and method of processing.

The Verdict of Vika Snus

Chewing snuff pods is a very convenient solution in cases where it is not possible to smoke a cigarette, and the body requires a dose of nicotine right now. Also, snus is very effective if you are going to quit smoking:

  • First, cut off the need to smoke from time to time.
  • Second, reduce the dose of nicotine gradually.

Even if you don't really use nicotine pouches, you can trust Vika quality. It may not be strong enough for you if you sit on Siberia. But, you will enjoy the flavor it gives. Vika pods are pretty tasty. If you're a mint lover and like something with an extra fresh kick, this may be what you're looking for!