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White Fox

White Fox is a completely white snus with no tobacco but still with enough dose of nicotine. Untypical white snus has become popular and attracted the attention of clients. Many brands already produce this type of chewing tobacco, including the most popular G4 white vanilla and white LYFT.


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  1. White Fox Big Party Pack (contain 24 party packs (3 for 2))
    White Fox Big Party Pack (contain ...
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  2. White Fox Black Edition
    White Fox Black Edition
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  3. White Fox Party Pack (3 for 2)
    White Fox Party Pack (3 for 2)
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  4. White Fox Blue Slim
    White Fox Blue Slim
  5. White Fox Peppered Mint
    White Fox Peppered Mint
  6. White Fox Full Charge Snus
    White Fox Full Charge
  7. Whtie Fox Snus
    White Fox Double Mint Slim All Wh ...
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What clients like:

  • White Fox snus sachets don’t leave marks on teeth.
  • It smells and tastes more pleasant.
  • White snuff does not contain tobacco and other undesirable substances but gives a powerful nicotine boost.

Snus WHITE FOX Origin

White Fox is white snus from the famous brand GN Tobacco, which is completely tobacco-free. We already know this company for its mega-strong and popular Siberia products. The packaging is slim and accurate. The white sachets do not affect the color of the teeth and cause minimal salivation, which provides a long-lasting effect. Surprisingly, you’ll get a powerful nicotine kick even without tobacco. Buy Whitefox online and you will notice a slight burn and a cooling effect on the lip. The taste is pleasant, soft, slightly sweet mint, similar to the taste of mint chewing gum.

Whitefox Snus Effect


Fox snus is now considered light and suitable for white tobacco lovers. Many people like that there is no bitter aftertaste, compared to stronger variants. Buy Whitefox snus online and you’ll see that it is a good alternative to almost similar LYFT but for a lower price.

Whitefox Snus Taste Range

The product range includes a variety of mint tastes and everyone’s favorite refreshment effect. invites you to appreciate every new taste:

WhiteFox Double Mint

It is a completely tobacco-free chewing powder with a cooling mint effect and a very refreshing taste. Not surprisingly, this taste is very popular with consumers. It is associated with snow-white bags and absolute freshness. This product will not disappoint you with its icy taste and refreshing flavor. Ideal for mint lovers!

Fox Full Charge

White Fox snus of this sort has a pleasant mint sound like your favorite chewing gum. The taste is slightly sweet, but all with the same cooling-mint effect and freshness in the mouth.

White Fox All White

This is a completely white snus with the taste of cooling mint, 100% tobacco-free. The design of the tablet perfectly reflects the brand’s name.

White Fox Black Edition

Not surprisingly those nicotine pads of this brand are incredibly popular! They masterfully combine high quality with great taste - what could be better? This is definitely true of White Fox All Black Slim, which has a unique flowery scent along with a rich "tobacco" aftertaste that gives you a real feeling like you are chewing tobacco leaves.

Buy White Fox Snus In The Online Store

Do you want to find the most attractive White Fox snus price? Find it in our online store. was specially created because the whole world is trying to quit smoking and start chewing tobacco instead. We have collected in our store only the best products from the best snus producers. All goods are time-tested, so we guarantee your pleasure in each bag.

The Verdict of White Fox Snus

The main feature of WhiteFox snuff is its fresh, bright smell and sweet mint taste, one of the most pleasant you’ve ever tried. This snus can be recommended to beginners, as it does not have such a high nicotine content. You can buy Snus White Fox of all tastes in our online store.