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Nico snus

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Discover the largest selection of snus.

  2. Vika Frozen Mint
    Vika Frozen Mint
    Out of stock
  4. Puck Icing
    Puck Icing
    Out of stock
  5. Nico Lash
    Nico Lash
  6. Skruf Super White #3
    Skruf Super White #3
  7. Odens Extremee White Dry Cold Slim Snus
    Odens Extreme White Dry Cold S ...
  8. Makla Rouge Snus
    Makla Rouge
  9. Siberia Red -80 Degrees Extreme White Dry Slim
    Siberia Red -80 Degrees Extrem ...
  10. Siberia Rot Snus
    Siberia Red White Dry Portion
  11. Offroad X Arctic Xplorer
    Offroad X Arctic Xplorer
  12. Jakobssons Melon Snus
    Jakobssons Melon Strong
  13. Ettan Original Portion Snus
    Ettan Original Portion Snus



Per Dose Snus we take over the transport costs of Sweden, customs clearance, customs, tobacco and VAT.

With the purchase of 20 cans, these costs amount to almost € 4 per can. If you now compare with foreign snus stores count the € 4.- per box at the foreign shops. Only then is a real price comparison correct. We guarantee top price and Topabwicklung.


We declare each shipment for you, so there are no additional customs clearance costs.
In addition, we deduct the VAT directly and pay the tobacco tax. This will not result in additional invoices for customs clearance.

Вuy Snus Online Worldwide!

Are you looking for the best snus purchasing? Don’t refuse the pleasure of enjoying high-class products on We are the leading store known for the expanded lineup of the snus online brands and fast delivery of your stuff to almost anywhere in the world.

What Is Snus And Benefit Of Using It?

We are pleased to announce a variety of smokeless tobacco. When deciding to buy snus, do not lose sight of the fact that it is a chewable mixture. It is extremely easy to use: place a cellulose bag in the mouth under the upper or lower lip. Unlike cigarettes, nicotine, contained in nicotine pods, enters the body through the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. It is free from combustion products, so it promises to be safer than cigarettes.

History of smokeless tobacco

For Swedes, the 16th century marks the rising of a new era of the use of tobacco. An ancient mixture of fresh aromatic leaves flavored with salt and water was user-friendly. The skill was to place a portion to the mouth behind the upper lip. Later, in the 18th century, local companies turned their knowledge into action and produced moist snuff that is currently famous worldwide.

For high-society!

Tobacco pods became an integral part of aristocratic society in the 1700s. Curiously decorated tablets were true masterpieces and confirmed the owner’s prosperity. Any reputable men or women knew all about the usage of a chewing mixture and its given effects.

Benefits of using snus

  • Scientific research has proved that original Swedish snuff is healthier than other tobacco outputs.
  • It motivates smokers to combat their harmful practice and throw away their cigarettes.
  • It helps to replenish blood nicotine levels without smoking and with minimal damage.
  • It doesn’t harm others – your companions do not involuntarily absorb smoke.
  • “Chewing” regularly is environmentally friendly and perfectly safe for people.
  • You can order Swedish snus online for an affordable price. Remember that one portion is used for more than 30 minutes. And it's profitable!

Variety Of Best Nicotine Sachets In Our Online Shop

Our online store specializes in the sale of tobacco pods around the globe. We will impress you with a complete range of “chewing” brands of various strengths and a rich collection of flavors. The store offers snuff from leading manufacturers, famous brands such as Odens, Thunder, Epok, Syberia.

Which flavor encourages you more than others? Don’t be afraid to try new things and enjoy the end result. Never stop experiments and find your new favorite snus online among these:

  • General;
  • Thunder X;
  • Al Capone;
  • Skruf;
  • Siberia;
  • Odens;
  • Jakobsson's;
  •  Ettan.

Best requested:

What is the most requested brand of Swedish origin in our snus shop? People benefit from Siberia Red snus and Thunder X. These sorts are popular among heavy smokers as they contain the highest tobacco level.

No tobacco:

For those, who prefer not to use tobacco, our snus online store offers the most popular white sachets of such brands as Shiro and Skruf Snus.

Who is light chewing tobacco good for (up to 12 mg/g)?

It is an ideal variant for people who don't smoke much or are not in this habit at all. If you allow yourself to smoke one cigarette a week and decide to buy chewing pods to completely abandon smoking, this option is for you. This category includes Lyft and Swedish Match.

Who is the strongest snuff good for (43 to 45 mg/g)?

It is perfect for smokers who smoke more than one and a half packs of cigarettes daily. If you smoke less per day, look for lighter chewing options. For passionate smokers, buying ultra-strong snus on sale is an ideal option that will help you give up cigarettes. You should try Offroad, Thunder, Syberia..

Order Snus Online Through Our Store is a reputable platform, the leader in the sales field, that never stops marveling at a remarkable variety of prestigious sorts of snus buy online. The Swedish standards and newest technologies are aimed at meeting everyone’s requirements and guarantee the quality of our performance.

Why order goods from our company:

  • Our online mega-store is proud of a large selection of Swedish pods outside the country’s borders. You can buy strong and light versions of chewing tobacco from different manufacturers and with different tastes.
  • We ship your snus order fast - within 24 hours.
  • We regularly replenish our assortment. If you haven't found a suitable option today, visit us tomorrow - it may already appear in our catalog!
  • The price in our store will suit you perfectly - we sell products at a real cost without additional surcharges.
  • The goods are available in a loose form or with portions.

Our skilled managers will help you choose if you are undecided about which brand or size you are willing to try. Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer support for more details! Stay with - the best place to buy snus online!