Oden's Cold Extreme White Dry Portion 16g


This product is one of the best available from Odens. Millions of European snusers trust this product:

A great flavour of spearmint with a nice tobacco note. The white pouches are extremely pleasantly soft and have the right filling. The kick is nice and long-lasting. Thanks to the "dry" effect without annoying drip. A "masterpiece" from Odens. 

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Oden's Cold Extreme White Dry Portion


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White dry



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GN Tobacco


Odens Cold White Dry Extreme is a portion of snus with a mint flavor. A spearmint flavor is perfectly matched to a traditional, earthy tobacco taste. Odens Cold White Dry is a dry snus that does not run.

Oden's Extreme Cold White Dry is a popular snus from the Swedish manufacturer GN Tobacco, which also produces the Siberia, Lenny, WOW series and the new premium brand Islay Whiskey, and is one of the largest snus producers in the world. 

The "Extreme" variations of Oden's were the first snus with a nicotine content of 22mg/g on the market and are therefore among GNT's extra strong snus products after the much more intense Siberias. 

The "regular-size" portions of Extreme Cold Dry are very soft, although they are kept quite dry. This guarantees a strong and long-lasting nicotine experience, as the Extreme Cold Dry develops its flavor and nicotine kick slowly.

Attention this product exists in four packagings: 
1. with 10g content (13 portions)
2. with 16g content (20 portions)
3. with 500g content (625 portions)
4. Soft Pouch 16g (20 portions)