Siberia Red White Dry Portion Slim


Are you a lover of strong snus that guarantee an intense experience? Then Siberia Red -80 Degrees Extreme White Dry Slim is perfect for you. Its pouches combine high nicotine content along with refreshing mint flavour and spicy tobacco notes.

Snus Siberia has slim format pouches that hold very well under the lip and do not create discomfort. Their discretion is also a plus, so you can use them at work or on the go.

Snus sachets have a dry white surface that does not stain the teeth and releases the flavour along with the nicotine gradually. Of course, it also comes in a compact packaging in the form of a round box.

  • Buy 10 for €5.03 each and save 10%
  • Buy 30 for €4.36 each and save 22%
  • Buy 120 for €4.08 each and save 27%


Nicotine content:  43mg/g
Nicotine per pouch: 34,4mg
Contents: 13g
Content type: Tobacco
Format: Slim
Art: White Dry
Brand Siberia
Produced by GN Tobacco