Siberia Red White Dry Portions 16g


Siberia Red -80 Degrees White Dry is a snus that will please heavy smokers and advanced users. Its pouches contain a high nicotine content of 43 mg/g along with a pleasant menthol flavour.

Siberia snus pouches have a classic format, which means they contain much more product than slim or mini formats. The experience of taking them is really intense. The surface of the sachets is dry and white, which allows both the flavour and the nicotine to be released gradually.

Like other Siberia snuses, this one has a practical round box. This simplifies handling and ensures that you can always have it with you.

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Nicotine content: 43mg/g
Nicotine per pouch: 34,4mg
Contents: 16g
Content type: Tobacco
Format: Normal
Art: White Dry
Brand: Siberia
Produced by: GN Tobacco